Thursday, October 6, 2011

Black and red and a touch of Asian

Check out the stars on this quilt - the red is a shiny satin fabric and it gives a lovely zing to the blacks, whites and greys in the rest of the quilt. I did the ditching on the Gammill classic and then moved it across to the statler for the rest of the quilting.

In each of the star blocks I used a range of 7 different Japanese crests from Legacy Quilting (not too flowery as the quilt is for a 21 year old young man), and I positioned them in the centre of each of the blocks.

Interspersed in the star blocks were 5 other pieced blocks, and I had a little play with some other fillers and Japanese/Asian designs, as well as a couple of trim backgrounds from Anita from Thimbleworks.

In the black sashings, which you can't see very well, are a bamboo design going vertically up the sashings, and then in the horizontal sashes, I used an pumpkin seed design.
I enjoyed all the pattern manipulation with this quilt, and I think it has turned out beautifully.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lots of hearts

This beauty went home the other day... another one which could quite easily have lived in my house...!

It was quilted both on the Statler and freehand, with 2 of Anita's trim fills behind the hearts....
freehand wavy lines and ruled lines in the little checkerboard sashes....

freehand swirly curls and hearts in the four patches and in the purple, and then a leafy heart (called Sweetheart Leaves) in the spotty border, by Anne Bright...

Then in the solid red border I used a design called Romancing Feather Sash (2221), and in the outside red floral border, a design called Romancing Feather Border (2216), both designs by One Song Needle Arts.