Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pretty in pink - and something not so pretty at the end!

This quilt was made by Lynne of Sydney, in a class with Jennifer Corkish. It has lots of flowers which have all been needleturned, and lots of open spaces for quilting.

It is quilted using rulers and templates, and freehand fillers and feathers. The outside curved cross hatching was done with a new ruler from Westalee Designs and doesn't it look great!
Lynne always uses gentle and pretty fabrics in her quilts, and I particularly love the pink rose border she as used in this masterpiece.

We are very excited as Terry is back tomorrow after being away for 3 1/2 weeks. He is coming back to this....

and long grass, washed out driveway, 2 dogs who will be beside themselves and a 10year old who CANNOT wait for his fav dad to come home. And me.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Portobello Market

This masterpiece belongs to Di from Molong, and she is giving it as a gift - unfortunately not to me! It is the Portobello Market quilt by 3 Sisters for Moda, and you can download the pattern at the United Notions site.
It has many pieced blocks which Di says gave her grief, but I can't see what her problem was! .
It is quilted with freehand feathers in the red background fabric. I used a chalk marker to give me an idea where the spines would go, and then filled in the gaps with big and little feathers. Very effective and looks great. The blocks were done with an Anne Bright p2p on the statler (Majestic I P2P). All the blocks are quilted with the same design. I picked a pattern which wouldn't come too close into the centre with all its seams, but one which would pick out the centre star.

Love it. Maybe it will have to go on my "to do" list, along with all the others. Or, maybe Di will make me one?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Redwork quilt - done in greens

I finished this beauty a year or so ago but found the pics on my computer this morning whilst looking for more quilts to post. I have been busy doing "non-publishable" quilts, so am a little light on with stuff to show.

Anyway, this was done by Margaret in Sydney, and is a pattern by Tita Leach called "Redwork Quilt". If anyone wants to purchase the pattern, let me know and I'll pass on Tita's email.

It has houses, mushrooms, snails, frogs flowers and they are all stitched beautifully and all the greens work so well. Very scrummy.

I quilted it on both the statler and freehand, with an Anne Bright design in the outside borders. It has SID around the applique and in the ditches, with fillers where needed. The background fabric is like a linen and was very easy to stitch with.

I also found about 600 pics of a bionicle battle which occurred on my front verandah...



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

French Braid

I was never really intrigued by these French Braid quilts until I saw one up close and personal with Bonnie at a little show in the middle of NY - we both decided that we had to make one (or more), and immediately started collecting fabrics.

In my machine quilting life I have really only quilted one of these with an all over pattern, as the fabrics were soft and didn't need full custom.

But, earlier this year, this beauty came to visit my studio and, after too long, I finally worked out what to quilt on it. I didn't want to spoil the transition of colours by putting too few thread colours on it, and didn't want each of the segments to be the same. I also didn't want to make it too "cute", it was way more elegant than that.

Anyway this is the end result. Fabulous.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Julie, Ann and myself (hence the title JAB) decided that we needed to be making a series of traditional style quilts together. Initially it was to be yearly but I've held up the bus by not getting to the latest one, but Ann would design it and work out all the requirements, Julie would make it and I would quilt it. We would rotate who would get to buy the fabrics, make the final decisions on the quilt design and then keep the quilt.

The first one would go to Julie, but I don't have a picture of it. This was our second piece, and it is mine. It is 2 plain fabrics, purple and white. The white feathers all have a second layer of white wadding in them to stop any purple threads showing through - wasn't that a gem of a task!
It is very heavily quilted with feathers (of course!) and fill. The white is not stitched in at all.

The quilt is very deceptive - when you first look at it, you think there is not much quilting on it, but voila, when a light is put on it the quilting really stands out. I love that surprise.

I'll have to get pics of the third one, and then quilt the fourth so we can get onto the next one.
See you

Friday, November 5, 2010

Piecemakers Times and Seasons Calendar 1999

I have recently quilted this beauty for Marg (which is a gift for her son for his significant birthday). It is the 1999 Piecemakes Times and Seasons calendar. There is a huge amount of needleturn and reverse applique in this quilt and her choice of colours and textures is a work of art in itself!

The sky in the top pic (not well shown, sorry) has a seam down the middle and Marg has matched the pattern perfectly.
It is quilted freehand with textures, until the outside borders where I have used a fish p2p from Kerryn Emmerson (www.kerrynemmerson.com), an anchor from Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio, and a rope from Laurie Thomas (www.itsaquiltthing.com). Worked beautifully to frame this nautical quilt.
See you later

Postage stamp quilt

This masterpiece has just come off my machine to be returned to Jenny tomorrow - all those tiny pieces are 1 inch finished and most of them are fussy cut. Just gorgeous. And it is Jenny's original design.

I have quilted it with lots of feathers - in a rolling feather design in the outside border, a wavy feather in the inside plain border and in a wreath in the blocks in the centre.
The 9 patch blocks have straight lines in them, and the inset triangles have a line dancing design.
All in all, this beauty could live very nicely in my house!
See you

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's been busy here...

This weekend just gone, I went to a class with Chris Jurd and made these beauties! I am very pleased with them, although I was thinking my blocks would be a little more subdued than this! Eleanor and Morgie came along too, and we stitched away for 2 days. The class was great and if you get to do a class with Chris, then do it - great teacher, lovely lady and very easy pattern to follow. Her blog is Patchwork Fundamentals (www.chrisquilts.blogspot.com) and the pattern is called New York Beauty.

On Sunday night Morgie and I came home, and after scoffing pizza we had to go to bed as our brains were all worn out.

However, Monday we were ready to go again and we moved to the tidy sewing room to continue with our projects - the only thing missing was the bowl of choccies which should have been there for a sugar hit. We had already demolished the licorice! At 11pm we decided it was time for bed having stitched, laughed, drank, cut, recut, muttered under our respective breaths and made a big mess.

One thing we didn't participate too much in (due to our hayfevers), was the sheep shearing on Saturday morning. This is Harry leading our little flock down the hill to the little shearing shed across the road. They are very tame and come for food, so we had a little procession down the driveway.
This pic is Lizzie (who lost her ears in the recent dog attack).
She looks very odd now with no wool and no ears, but it is not worrying her and she is more interested in the sheep nuts which she loves to eat from our hands.
See you later,