Thursday, October 28, 2010

No quilts today - angels and stars instead.

This angel cross stitch I started before Harry was born, and it has been unfinished until just recently when I decided to start another big cross stitch. I had put it down when Harry started getting into everything, and I was in amongst the beading, and just never seemed to find the time to get back into it again.
Anyway, it is done now and came back from the framer yesterday. I am very pleased with it, the mats match perfectly and the frame picks up the blues and greens. Just lovely.

In amongst when I am supposed to be doing housework or other such drugery, I have been on the hunt for a recipe for royal icing which works for me, isn't hard to make and does all that is it supposed to do. And, I think I have found it, on a blog called Bake 350 ( , and, as you can see the sugar cookies looks great. A little rough around the edges, but the white set properly and the blue didn't run off the edges of the cookie. So, 3 dozen cookies later, I am going to try freezing some of them to see if they survive defrosting too. The white dots are cashous which were Terry's contribution.



Monday, October 25, 2010

Sue Ross BOM

This BOM was last year's efforts, through Material Obsession in Sydney (
and each month a new pattern would turn up with lots of lovely fabric goodies.
I sort of kept up, and only really slowed down towards the end after I had had my hip done.
Anyway, it had an appliqued basket in the centre which I thought I might make into a bag, and so I made another circle design (taken from EQ7) and put it in the centre instead. It is quilted with a spider's web design. The bind is on but not stitched down.
I really like the busyness of this quilt, and I learnt a lot about circles and stitching them onto a background with nice smooth curves and no pointy bits.
We had a busy weekend, and my dearly beloved was promoted to Lt Colonel in the Army Reserve. He was very surprised when it happened as we thought it would take place later in the year, so that will keep him very busy next year.
See you

Friday, October 22, 2010

Civil War Crossings

This is another one of my bind-on-not-stitched-down quilts called Civil War Crossings. It is a pattern by Eula Parris Smith and Barbara Brackman and was published in QNM Nov 2008 (p. 90). When I saw this I knew I had to make it, and its only taken 18 months to do (its been finished for a couple of months now).
I made it in scrappy browns, pinks and a blue; with the inset triangle fabric another one of those pieces one buys without knowing what they are going to do with it. It's probably not technically correct to have a birdie toile-y fabric in with civil war designs, but I liked the colour and the finish. It is quilted with an all over clam by Kay Oft. And the picture is sideways - sorry about that - but you get the idea

Last weekend it snowed. Enough said about that. The sheep and chooks were less than impressed, as were we trekking out into the sideways weather to go to a bass rehearsal.

This weekend is forecast rain for Saturday. Kate and I are heading off to a craft day at the Kenna Hall in Hill Street (if you're in Orange and have nothing to do). It is being organised by our friend Ruthie who is fundraising money for a memorial garden/contemplative spot to go and be peaceful. If you're around and can make it, come and say hi.
See you later

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Double Delight

This is a Double Delight rose which is in our rose garden - the flower is a little ratty as it was taken at the end of last season and had dealt with heat and wind, but the scent and colours are just fabulous! One of my most favourite roses.

This is my Double Delight quilt which was designed by Bonnie of Quiltville ( and was run as a mystery last year. I made it out of my stash (with only a little enhancing having to take place)! The outside fabric is a dragonfly and floral fabric which I bought from Spotlight having loved it when I saw it. I had no idea what I would do it it, but it was perfect for this quilt. I quilted it using Anne Bright's Rose Bouquet b2b. I love this pattern too, but this is the first quilt I have had the opportunity to use it on. It is not quite finished as I have to stitch the bind down, but I'll get there.

Bonnie will be running another mystery quilt soon, so I'm looking forward to a big quilt with lots of tiny little pieces! Perfect . I have made several of her mystery quilts and they always come out looking great.
My quilt holder-upperer was a little shy.....
See you later

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Four urns

This quilt was made by Cathy and had the most gorgeous mustardy gold fabric for the backgrounds of the appliques. It gave a different look to the normal light backgrounds and, with the purples in the piecing and the appliques, makes it look very sumptuous and "touchable". (Its raining here again so maybe all this wet has made me come up with long words!!)
I love the use of both these colours and the workmanship was exquisite as always. Unfortunately she wouldn't leave it here for me to look at forever.
Back to work this week for me and I'm quilting a lovely french braid in reds, purples and black. Stunning. I should have pics soon.
See you

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cupcakes in Adelaide

Look what we found....yum yum yum!
We did have to drive to find it with much grumbling from the back seat, however the spider drink and hot dog soon stopped that moaning. I had a cherry ripe chocolate cupcake and it was scrummy.
The shop is called the American Candy Stand Cupcake Cafe ( and it is at 224 The Parade, Norwood SA.
It inspired me to come home and make some cupcakes for Harry to take to school, however, the butter and eggs are still in their respective containers....maybe this afternoon I'll get my act together.
School has gone back today after 2 weeks on holidays, so back to work for me.
See you later

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We're back from Adelaide and a good time was had by all!

We have been in Adelaide for the last week having a family holiday and also for me to attend and teach at the Inaugural Australian Machine Quilting Festival held over the long weekend. The next one is from the 28 Sept to 1 Oct 2012. I don't think the web site is updated yet, ( but there is a little info on their blog.
I really enjoyed going to see some quilts, do some shopping, but mostly to catch up with other machine quilters. Ours tends to be a very isolating job when we work from home and events like this are a real treat to attend.
While I was off working the boys went to the beach, movies, shopped and generally did "boy stuff".
It was a lovely time to be in Adelaide as all the trees were coming out in their new leaves and blossoms - very pretty. It is a little warmer than Orange, so I think we came home in time to see the blossoms at home too!

I had a quilt hanging in the show and was fortunate enough to receive a 2nd place ribbon which made my day. I'll have some close ups later.

It's nice to be home - back to work on Monday.