Monday, July 25, 2011

Show and Tell

Our local group of Stitch and Chatters run a block swap each year, which involves about 20-something swappers, who swap blocks each month - you know the drill.....

Anyway, last weekend we had a lunch so that we could get as many finished quilts together in the same room (and also give us a deadline for getting the blocks put together, so they don't forever live in a box....Julie.....).

I showed a picture of mine a couple of weeks ago, which went to a friend who needs it.

Anyway, all these quilts are made from the same block and don't they look great!!

So much time was put into making something different and there is not one that is the same. This one actually has specialty sewing machine stitches in the cream. Can't see it very well, but it was a practice piece for learning a new machine. What a great idea.

This one has a border made from the left over half square triangles chopped off from the ends of individual pieces.

This one has a very gentle progression of colour and tone.

This one was finished the morning of the lunch...I think it is going to have borders but we need to work our what is going to work for this particular designs.

Ann's are usually off centre - she works very hard to produce a finished product which none of the rest of us would have thought of . I think she needs to make more blocks to make it bigger because she has nothing to do with her time.. Ha!

I have been hard at work, in between being ill with the dreaded lurgy, but seem to have no pictures to show, mostly because I either don't have permission to show or they are going into magazines and I can't show them prior to publication.



Monday, July 18, 2011

Did you know...

.....that there have been this many types of barbed wire around over the years?

We went to Melbourne last week to see the King Tut exhibition, and ended up in the Melbourne Museum afterwards. One of the exhibits was this display of different types of barbed wire. Fascinating. I have some other pics of Melbourne which I will share probably next post if I can get my act together.

Anyway, moving on to other more colourful things...

Check out this beauty! It is a Michelle Marvig design and is done predominantly in Kaffe fabrics.

I have quilted it using both freehand and the Statler and it is a very impressive quilt now that it is done.

It was so large that I couldn't lay it out on my floor, and my DH wasn't around to hold it up, so sorry about the crinkly edges.

Anyway, school goes back tomorrow so I am hoping to get back to some kind of schedule, except that I have picked up the dreaded lurgy so spent yesterday afternoon in bed. I am feeling much better today but have no voice and a terrible painful cough.

Isn't it funny how when you whisper to someone, they whisper back?



Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flannel and polar fleece

I'll try again.... my last post disappeared into nothing, so maybe there is a blank one out there..

Anyway, this very simple quilt has the top made from fannel and the backing is polar fleece, with a wool wadding in the middle.

It is quilted with a simple stars and circles design from Kim Diamond, but I wanted to show how beautifully the quilting shows up with polar fleece on the back.

It is very forgiving and makes the pattern really stand out. And, with the three warm layers it is scrummy for a Bathurst winter, which is where it is living.



Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Floral block swap

This is one of mine and is the finished product of our local group's block swap for 2010. We had to pick floral fabrics in the required colour for the month and use a floral cream as the background, and then each month swapped the blocks.

I think we had about 36 people who swapped each month.

Anyway, we are having a lunch in the next couple of weeks for our show and tell, but my quilt has been given to a friend who is having some health issues. So this is my show and tell.

Last weekend we went to Wattle Flat to visit with my parents and brother and SIL, and after lunch we had to go for a walk to walk some of it off. So off we went to Sofala which is about 5 mins drive from Wattle Flat (outside of Bathurst, towards Mudgee).

Not much going on in the late afternoon, although this isn't the main drag of Sofala.