Saturday, January 19, 2013

Grandmother's Flower Garden

This one went home last week, amd it is another beauty!  The photo of the quilt on the floor gives the full effect of all the flowers. 

Close up I have quilted little flowers in the centres, then petals in the petals....

...some meandering leaves, hearts and flowers, and a bit of a path with pebbles and swirly lines to show you where to go.  The green fence surrounds most of the flowers except for the ones which escaped! :)


There are lots of little quirky fabrics in amongst the flowers, I have a little chuckle when I see something which wouldn't normally be seen on a petal...What fun!
(all done freehand with the help of a circle template)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lime and Blue braid

Another beauty which I have had the pleasure of watching being made during last year.  My friend Eleanor made it for her sister, for a significant birthday, and we spent some time down at Bella Patchwork picking out the fabrics.  I'm sure Del was pleased to see the end of us - we had blues and limes ALL over the shop....!

It is quilted mostly on the statler, except for the small black border which was easier to freehand.
The designs in the braids are by Kim Diamond, called Georgia's feathers and they are on different diagonals depending on the colour.

 The feather in the yellow is by Tammy Finkler, called 2049b Elegant Feather.  The outside border  is an Anne Bright design called Wildflower Feathered border.
There is a simple clam in the small white and black sashings on either side of the yellow.

Just a small corner of the back, with a label I put on the quilts I make, which El wanted to put in hers too.
Each individual piece of fabric in this quilt is lovely by itself, but the whole thing just "pops" when you see it through a viewfinder or as a photo.
Now I'm waiting for mine.....:)
I think I'll be waiting for a while!