Monday, March 19, 2012

Stack and whack

Sorry its been so long - its been a busy 6 weeks. My baby turned 12 at the end of last month and as you can see he is now taller than me....and wears a size 10 mens shoe.

I have also been doing several quilts which couldn't go up on my blog and there are only so many flower and dog pics which I could post without everyone running for the hills!

Anyway, here is one which I finished a couple of weeks ago. It is a stack and whack and it is gorgeous. I love the pretty floral fabric and the blocks are so delicate.

It is quilted with a mix of freehand and statler quilting.
I used several designs from One Song Needle Arts - in the red sashings, inset triangles, inside the blocks and the outside border.
In the cream around the floral design I freehanded a swirly, floral leafy design to fill the space. Also the SID was done using a ruler rather then the statler.
This is a really pretty quilt, and reaffirms my love for these blocks. I guess another one of these is on my list to do.
I'm still plugging away at Orca Bay, just about to put the rows together but it is a long slow process. And trying to get my Sydney Show entries done too - crystalling to be done there, having taken the bind of one of the quilts 3 times to get it right. But it's done now and seems to be hanging right.