Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bits and bobs, no quilts this time.

My dearly beloved and I went off to Sydney on Monday of this week for an army dinner at Government House with Her Excellency Marie Bashir and her husband, and the CO's of the batallions of the RNSWR. What a fabulous location and beautiful house. We will definitely be going back for a daylight tour. There were huge portraits of previous Governors and other influential people from our State, and all the history gave me goosebumps.

And, as a bonus I didn't fall up any stairs, spill any food down my front or knock over my wineglass. All class, that's me!

Coming through the Blue Mountains I noticed these trees and their weird shapes - I'm thinking they have been trimmed for the power lines, but I'm not sure. Makes a great picture though.

This was the view out of one the windows in my sewing room, last Tuesday, the day before we were due to go to Sydney for the Quilt Show. It doesn't snow very often in Orange, but, of course it was on the day before we left. So we decided not to go just in case something happened on the roads.

A couple of days earlier, this was the view out of another one of my windows. How cute is this little birdie?

By the way, I do actually work in there, not just gaze out the window.....!



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sydney Quilt Show

This quilt is called "Crossroads" and was made by Harry, and it won a second prize in the Junior A category. This is his third big quilt and he designed, stitched and quilted it. And then stitched the binding on by machine. He is very chuffed with this quilt and is now keen to get on and do another one.

He is planning on making a couple to raffle off next year for the local Relay for Life and also to raise money for the Ten Pin Bowling team he plays in, to go to Sydney for their National tournament. So, we'll be busy.

This one is called "Braided Berry and Lime" and was my contribution to the Show. I love the colours and the pattern and have plans to make another one in oranges and browns. Yum.

This one belongs to Sonia and is called "An Angel's Story" by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched.

I love this pattern, and you should not be surprised to know that mine is started and not finished - ha! - but every one of these quilts inspires me to get it out n finished.

It is quilted with ditching in the blocks, a swirl in one of the frames and then freehand leaves, curls, hearts and flowers in the scrappy piecing around the blocks. Very yum.

I have been busy hence the slackness in my posting, but I hope to have some more pics shortly, including a couple of a dinner which Terry and I attended last night at Government House in Sydney. Very posh but a great night!



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flowers and urns

This quilt belongs to Cathy and was designed by Jennifer Corkish , based on the finding of the urn fabric. I love the way the flowers, leaves and urns are all surrounded by couching which gives them a 3D effect.

It is freehand quilted with a feather in the outside border (what else, but feathers? ), then a wavy line following the line of the design in the next inside border.

The applique has a fan-style filler around it, with a feather wreath in the centre of the urn.

This beauty is destined to be a wall hanging in Cathy's home. What a lovely room decoration!



Gather ye Rosebuds

Look at this beauty! I have seen this quilt around and about, and saw it in Salt Lake City but this was my first closeup of the actual quilt. It is called Gather ye Rosebuds and it is by Kathy Adams of Koolkat Quilting right here in Australia.

It is an adaptation of a stained glass window and each of the pieces has been individually machine appliqued on a piece of black fabric.

It is quilted with all fillers, and with lots of different colours, and with all the starts and stops it took a long time, but it is stunning isn't it?

Its going to hang on a wall above the fireplace - a perfect substitute for the real thing.



Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Great Nana and Ann

Today Great Nana turns 90 - what a fabulous achievement and a fabulous lady! I have boxes of scraps which she has ironed even though she can't see well, and when she comes to visit she is so interested in what we are making and who is doing what and wants to know all that is going on.

Anyway, Julie and Ann decided to make her a quilt for her 90th, and she has always loved this rose quilt which was published in AP&Q a few years ago (which Julie made and Great Nana always loved), so they decided that this was the one - with a little twist!

They put 90 roses on the top, and sent out the word to local, interstate and international quilters that we knew, to send in 4 inch squares of different pinks to make the rosebuds with. Needless to say, there were a lot of pinks which came in the door, and each rosebud is a different pink.

The background was (I think) a tablecloth which was given to Great Nana as a gift many years ago, and is the perfect size for a single bed.

It is quilted with lots and lots of feathers and bound in pink.

Anyway, Great Nana got it on Friday, and was very overwhelmed and cried!!

This is a great gift for a fabulous lady. Happy Birthday Great Nana.........but the story is not over!

It is also Ann's birthday today, so Happy Birthday Ann! I was going to make you a cake but you got cookie cakes instead!

And a picture of the splatted mess of icing which went right down my front, in my apron pocket and across the bench. And on the floor. And down the dishwasher. etc etc. You get the picture.

Finally, the 4 completed blocks of my Flower Garden which I started in the Kim McLean class in February. I have another 3 nearly done, but can't find my 1/4inch bias maker in the tip known as my sewing room, so I'll need to borrow one to finish the next three.

Anyway, long post, and I have another one for tomorrow - don't faint!



Thursday, June 9, 2011

1930's pinwheels

I quilted this lovely before I went to the US, and came across the photos when I was looking for something else.
Anyway, it was out of an old AP&Q, the owner can't remember whixh one, and all the pinwheels are stitched by hand.

As usual it has heaps of feathers on it, but they work really well don't they? We decided that too many feathers was never enough.

There is a swirly feathery thingy in the corners of the blocks which are going to have a button put over them. Very nice.

It is freezing here in Orange at the moment, getting to a top of 3 degrees C today. Good day for stitching on a binding or just getting back into bed. But, I'm quilting a very nice "Gather ye Rosebuds quilt, and it should be finished this arvo. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics later on.

Enjoy and stay warm.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Jelly Stars by Fig Tree Quilts

This lovely came off the machine on Friday and is on its way home. Isn't it lovely?

It has been made with French General fabrics, and, conveniently I happen to have a layer cake and jelly roll of this gorgeous fabric sitting in my cupboard waiting for the right project to come a long, and I think this is it.

All the feathers look great too. I nearly had to keep this quilt, but I think the owner would have noticed that it didn't go back to her. Shame really!.