Thursday, June 9, 2011

1930's pinwheels

I quilted this lovely before I went to the US, and came across the photos when I was looking for something else.
Anyway, it was out of an old AP&Q, the owner can't remember whixh one, and all the pinwheels are stitched by hand.

As usual it has heaps of feathers on it, but they work really well don't they? We decided that too many feathers was never enough.

There is a swirly feathery thingy in the corners of the blocks which are going to have a button put over them. Very nice.

It is freezing here in Orange at the moment, getting to a top of 3 degrees C today. Good day for stitching on a binding or just getting back into bed. But, I'm quilting a very nice "Gather ye Rosebuds quilt, and it should be finished this arvo. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics later on.

Enjoy and stay warm.


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