Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scrap Basket Blossoms

This piece of loveliness was made by Jenny Webb and is based on a pattern by Kim Diehl called Scrap Basket Blossoms (and was in QC issue 36). Isn't it gorgeous? Yet another one that I want to make! My list "to do" is enormous as it is, without luscious beauties like this one tempting me!! It is quilted freehand with rulers and templates. The outside border quilting design is based on the pattern on the fabric. Just gorgeous!
On a different note, I am getting back into my cross stitching which I did a lot of pre-baby. Considering said baby is now 10 (!) I needed to start doing it again. I had a Lavendar and Lace angel just about done, it only had a little of the beading to go and, shock horror, it only took about 2 sessions to finish it!!!! I couldn't believe how little there was to do - maybe I was so sick of the small beads that I decided that there was heaps to go and put it away. And, it was a big bonus that I could find all the bits for it after so long. Anyway, it is now at the framers and should be finished later this month.
So now I have moved on to another monster cross stitch by Papillon (Castles in the Air), about to load a Chatelaine design onto the frame and have a christmas one by Lizzy Kate going too. And so it starts.....
We are off to Adelaide shortly and I will endeavour to post a pic or 2, if I can work it out, otherwise when we get back.
Take care

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Japanese Walk in the Garden

This masterpiece is Walk in the Garden (by Ann Visman) and isn't it gorgeous! It was made by my godmother and cousin Rhona and she is a newbie at all of this patching business, and she is heavily into the Japanese/Asian style fabrics. This is her second quilt made in this design.
It was quilted both freehand and on the statler. The statler designs are from Christy Dillon and Legacy quilting.
See the curvy bits done in the yellow (not the clam)? - well, that is done with my new ruler. Dead easy and very effective. I'm hoping to get some pics on my web site in the next little bit.
If you want details about this pattern, let me know and I'll forward you onto Ann.
See you

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This was supposed to have elephants on it...

This quilt was made by Fiona as a gift, and has a combination of piecing, applique and 3D techniques in it. It is a design by Michelle Marvig of http://www.thepatchworkheart.com.au/ in Penrith.
I have quilted it with lots of feathers, swirls, line dancing and ditch stitching. I enjoyed coming up with all the different designs in this quilt, and Fiona's request was that she wanted feathers in the plain yellow areas. So I went to town....!
It is the last week of school here, and Harry went off to school dressed as Biggles as it is their book week parade today. He also took his double bass, to perform in front of a group from one of the local nursing hostels who were coming to school to see the parade.
See you

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Charleston Log Cabin

This is a quilt by Carol, actually it is her third one of this pattern and each one is done beautifully and in the most gorgeous fabrics. It is a quilt by Christine Cohrs of http://onceuponaquilt.blogspot.com/. I have quilted it using various rulers and templates, with, of course, feathers. I like the effect of the straight lines in the creams, and once I got my act together, could do it continuously with no overstitching.
This week has been a big one for us, as I am now married to a retired pensioner - note I didn't say old age as I get into trouble for that! My dearly beloved has finally retired from the NSW Police Force after 30 - something years (I think around 36) and is now focussing on his Army Reserve career. No rest for the wicked I reckon!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Look at all those points!

This beautifully made quilt belongs to Jenny and was made in a class with Chris Jurd. It is foundation pieced with some applique and it was a pleasure to be able to get up close and personal with all the different colours that Jenny has used. Her points are perfect!
It is quilted freehand with the aid of rulers and templates. The feathers are freehand. I love the preciseness (is that a word?) of this pattern and, like so many I see, it is on my list of things to do.
I'm getting sorted to head off to Adelaide for the Australian Machine Quilting Festival (1-4 October) where I am teaching a class on how to use rulers and templates in designing and executing quilting patterns. I have also managed to get my act together and design a couple of templates to take with me, which will be on the stand with the Westalee rulers. I will post a pic in the next day or so.
See you

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blue skies and feathers

Well after what seems like endless days of rain, wind and dark skies, we have blue. The cloudy pic is taken looking down the valley from the house and the blue sky pic is taken looking at the house from the driveway.

Anyway, moving on....this lovely princess feather is another one by Kathryn and this one I want to/will make - not sure when, but I will get to it one day. I love the outside applique border, especially the pears. And, you might be able to see it in the pics, the fussy cutting is gorgeous. It was made in a class with Lynne Alchin.
It is quilted with lot and lots of feathers and background fill. The spine of the quilted feathers in the centre was made using a curvy ruler and some marker points; and the curves for the spines in the corners were made using Renae's arcs.
See you later

Friday, September 10, 2010

Burrinjuck Dam Trip

Last October - yes I know it has been a while but I just came across the pics on my computer - my mum, son and I went from Orange to visit Burrinjuck Dam, which is outside of Yass in NSW, where they were celebrating the Centenary of the construction of Burrinjuck Dam. The reason we went was that my great- grandfather, Charles Rawson Cuningham, was the surveyor for the location of the railway line which was used to haul tools, men and other equipment to where the dam wall was being built.

The pic to the right is standing on the dam wall looking towards the cachement area, and from memory the storage was only at about 20% then.
This pics below are taken from the car, on the road which was built directly over where the railway used to run. It was quite an odd feeling to be where so many men worked so hard to clear a space for a little railway, and to see the bush which they had to work in.

There were little carriages were used to haul the goods, and each of them were named after my great-grandfather's children, and this one is the original carriage named after my grandfather. It had a long history after the dam was finished, and, I think, ended up in the Wollongong area used to haul coal before it was rescued, restored and is now at the caravan park in the State Recreation area near the dam.

While we were there, Harry decided to take some pics of the view through the drains on the dam wall! I think there might be a quilt in some of them.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Black and white and red

This very striking quilt was made by Carolyn for her son a couple of years ago, and every time it pops up on my screen saver I remember how red it was! Fabulous Christmas red colour.

And doesn't the back look fabulous too? It is quilted freehand, and the pattern in the outside border matches the design in the border fabric.
On a non quilty note, my DH had the pins removed from his arm yesterday - after he fell off a paint tin (which he was using instead of a ladder - and haven't I made some mileage out of that much to his disgust ??). So hopefully his arm will start to strengthen up and things will get back to normal.
See you later

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Red and Green

This gorgeous piece of work belongs to Kathryn, and is still one of my most favourite quilts. I think it is because of all the little circles in red, and the fact that Kathryn told me to do "whatever" so I have done lots and lots of feathers to fill the spaces.
I have been trying to get her to write the pattern for this beauty, so I can make it - along with the other 7 million projects I have on the go and in my head. But I think she has as much free time as the rest of us - maybe I'll just keep nagging!