Monday, May 14, 2012

Cream and navy stars

This quilt was made by Nikki and is her own design, based on the fabulous border fabric.  She said it was going to be the closest to "traditional" as she was going to go, and that I could use any quilt design I wanted.

So, she got feathers, a bit of hatching, a bit of parallel lines and a fabulous quilt front and back!

It was quilted on both the freehand and statler machines, and the statler designs are my own, except for the hatching in the corners of the centre star. 

The centre star is freehanded to fill the space.

I have a couple of extra quilts to show you, but I have just discovered that I can't take a sharp picture, so need to retake them..And, next Friday I am flying out to the US to visit with my sister, my friend in NY, and then to meet with some Aussie statler girls to travel sedately on a bus for 10 days looking at museums and quilt shops!!