Friday, December 16, 2011

Fan Quilt

This beauty belongs to Rhonda and has just gone home for Christmas.

My instructions were to do "whatever you want". So I had a little play....

I used Keryn Emerson's Darra block in the centre along with Kerryn's buckle centre and Simplicity sash.

In the darker green I repeated the Darra block and triangle, along with Deb Geissler's lone star swirls elongated and manipulated to fit.

In the lighter green I used Kay Oft's feather clam 1202 as a p2p around the curve of the fans, and then Kerryn's Kendall triangle to fill.

The fans were filled with freehand swirls and parallel lines trimmed to fill the space.

The inside black border has the same feather clams as in the lighter green, the green border uses the Simplicity sash design (as in the centre) and the outside border has freehand swirls in it.

I really enjoyed quilting this quilt and playing with the designs to make them work.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Butterfly Garden

I quilted this lovely a couple of weeks ago, another one for Jane, and it is a BOM by Leanne Beasley called Butterfly Garden.

I freehanded a swirly hearty design in the centre of the quilt, going around the hearts, butterflies and stitcheries, then did a clam based design in the green inside border, also freehand with my clam ruler.

I was going to use a digitised heart design in the outside border, but decided that a freehand heart would fit in best with the rest of the quilt. Isn't it lovely? I do like the butterflies over the top of the scrappy centre.

I have been out in our garden first thing in the morning taking some shots of the roses. I love the pinks in this one and it has a beautiful smell too. And, my hayfever isn't playing up, so I can actually take a big sniff of the fragrance and not sneeze for the rest of the day! Bonus!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Bluebirds and Berries

I have just sent this beauty home to its mama, and aren't those little birdies so cute? It is a design by Gail Pan and was made by Jane. Very cute.

It is not heavily quilted, just some SID around the appliques, hearts and circles, and then continuous leaves in the scrappy squares in the centre. The light blue border has a freehand clammy doodle in it, and the outside border has an Anne Bright design called Ivy Trellis Heart Border.

It is nearly the end of the school year here, just another 2 weeks before a 6 week Christmas school holiday, and we are ready for a break! As is my friend below who is still practicing his double bass every morning - at the moment we are learning "The Great Gate of Kiev" - (aka The Great Gate of Kevin!!). He went from a quarter size to a half size bass this term and it is so big it needs to sit in the front passenger seat of the red car! I had visions of having to put the trailer on every Saturday to take the thing into town for music, but I am saved from having to do that - or buy another car. Next year he will go up another size....