Friday, December 16, 2011

Fan Quilt

This beauty belongs to Rhonda and has just gone home for Christmas.

My instructions were to do "whatever you want". So I had a little play....

I used Keryn Emerson's Darra block in the centre along with Kerryn's buckle centre and Simplicity sash.

In the darker green I repeated the Darra block and triangle, along with Deb Geissler's lone star swirls elongated and manipulated to fit.

In the lighter green I used Kay Oft's feather clam 1202 as a p2p around the curve of the fans, and then Kerryn's Kendall triangle to fill.

The fans were filled with freehand swirls and parallel lines trimmed to fill the space.

The inside black border has the same feather clams as in the lighter green, the green border uses the Simplicity sash design (as in the centre) and the outside border has freehand swirls in it.

I really enjoyed quilting this quilt and playing with the designs to make them work.


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