Sunday, December 30, 2012

Black and white and lime

Another quilt which went home right before Christmas, it is a Michelle Marvig design (I"m not sure of the design name, if someone can enlighten me I would appreciate it).  I love, love, love the combination of the colours. 

It is quilted both freehand and on the Statler, in the stars is a One Song Needle Arts design (4490)

This lime border is done freehand with a ruler to get the echo line, the little clams are done freehand.

This centre design is 4 corner designs by One Song Needle Arts called Buttercup feathers tri - 3675.  I also stitched a plain circle around the pieced circle, with a circlet of pears in side the plain circle.  Filled the space nicely without having to use a fill design.


Ten Pin bowling quilt

Its not very often I get to post pics of a quilt I have made, but I am trying to get some serious sewing in during January before school goes back and it all starts again.

I made this quilt using a pattern which my friend designed, called "Walk in the Garden", and used ten pin bowling themed fabrics.  The theme fabrics came from Spoonflower in the US, and they are great.  I have just had another moment with them (Spoonflower, that is), with some Dr Who fabric to make another one for Terry.

I also managed to find some bowling fabric for the back.  And a quilting design too. 

It is now on my Etsy shop for sale.
Now I'm off to do some more...hooray for holidays!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Breast of Friends quilt

Well, Christmas has been and gone, I hope everyone had a restful and peaceful day, ours was very quiet, with presents and breakkie done by 8am....I spend the rest of the day sewing and cross stitching.  Then had to go to bed early because I was so exhausted from all that energetic activity!!!

Anyway, this beauty belongs to Marcelle, and is the Breast of Friends quilt which was in Homespun mag a couple of years ago as their BOM.  Lots of different Australian designers participated including Leanne Beasley, Rosalie Quinlan, Anni Downs, Bronwyn Hayes, Natalie Lymer, Amanda Browning, Lynette Anderson-O'Rourke, and Natalie Bird.

It is quilted enriely freehand with the use of rulers.  It has hearts, feathers, swirls, leaves, and lots of little twidly bits of quilting!

I quilted the original one in the magazine, and this is the first one which I have seen completed.  Isn't it lovely?
I did have big ideas of making it myself, but I don't think my embroidery skills are up to scratch - check out the dress on the block above :).  I bought the kit, and will sell it if someone wants to make this quilt themselves.  I also have all the issues of the magazines with the designs in them.  $180 plus postage.  Let me know where you are and I'll give you a definite price on postage.
On a totally different note, my son's last day of primary school was last week. I remember his first he's twice as tall and about to head off to Jamboree with the scouts in Maryborough. 

Enjoy your Boxing Day,

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Leanne's house quilt

I have quilted lots of these since the pattern was published by Leanne Beasley as a BOM and I am alway impressed by the details in each of the little embroidered blocks.  I am not an embroiderer, so the teeny weeny little stitches always look so lovely and I know there is heaps of work in them.

It is quilted freehand with hearts, feathers, swirls, lines and lots of ditching. 
I try not to do much quilting in the stitchery blocks as they are so delicate and the machine stitching would overpower some of the tiny blocks, but sometimes I need to put a wavy line in, especially when the block is bigger and needs some stabilising.
I'm on the downhill slide to Christmas and my month off in January (I hope) trying to get everything done so I can shut off the machines and do some of my own sewing.  I have a LONG list of things I want to get done, so I'm working extra hard now.

Monday, November 26, 2012

"T'was the Night Before Christmas

This little beauty was made by Jane, is a design by Helen Stubbings of Hugs 'n Kisses called "T'was the Night Before Christmas"; and while it is not very big, there is a lot of detail in the stitcheries and it has lots of little stars.

It is quilted entirely freehand, with loops and swirls, and hearts in the stars.

With some ditching around the stitcheries to hold them down.  I don't tend to do much in stitchery or applique blocks because the feature is the applique or stitcher, and my machine quilting doesn't need to overtake the design.

Very cute.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Random pictures

Two new listings on my Etsy shop
Chocolate cake made using the BBQ yesterday - as you can see, not much is left...

Indiana and her much loved ball.

I have some more quilts to show this week, just waiting on them going back to their owners.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Litte Patchwork Village

This lovely belongs to Jane, and is a design by Rosalie Quinlan called Little Patchwork Village.

I love all the little buildings in the stitcheries - especially this one, because who can resist a quilt shop? (Well, actually my DS isn't keen, having retired from quilting, but he still gets the pleasure anyway. LOL. )

Anyway, rather than treating each star block individually and then doing something separate in the sashings and borders, I had a little think and came up with this arrangement of quilting designs.

The feathered ovals were freehanded, using an oval template as the starting shape.  The star points were also freehanded with a swirly continuous design.

The large flowery hearty design (called Nov hearts block by Joanne Knott)  then filled in the gaps, right to the edge of the quilt. 
I like this arrangement, as the quilt itself is very simple, and too much quilting can overtake the little stitcheries, so this worked for me...and for Jane too.
I'm off to finish a chocolate cake from this week's lesson, and so far the phone has rung when I was measuring out the cocoa, so some of that went on the floor; and our gas cooktop has a leak so I am cooking it on the BBQ, which seems to have man-turning-on instructions and gave me grief.  After all of that, I hope it tastes OK. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Quilt

This lovely belongs to Niki, and is a design by Nancy Halvorsen of Art to Heart.  It is out of her book 12 Days of Christmas.  It is all hand appliqued, using black thread in the blanket stitch which really shows the details in the designs.

It is quilted with a mix of freehand and computerised designs.   The outside green border is a design by Kim Diamond called Christmas 2010 border, and the inside green border is by Anne Bright called Christmas Bells stopborder.
I stitched a freehand fill around the lettering in the top green outside border, and then pushed the computerised stitching right to the edge of the freehand fill.

In the individual blocks I put some SID and then filled the background to make the applique designs pop.
I haven't seen this design before, and it was a pleasure to quilt, and to see all the little details in the design.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Dad's Dream Quilt"

This quilt belongs to Karen and is a design by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched fame.  It is out of her "A Boy's Story" book and is called "Dad's Dream Quilt".

It is quilted both freehand and with some computerised designs.  The feather wreaths are by Keryn Emmerson, as are the simple designs in the pieced blocks.

In the centre, and over the star is a simple grid, with freehanded stars and loops around the appliqued stars.

I love the back on this quilt, made especially so with a cream backing so you can see a lovely geometric design surrounding the centre freehand work.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Favourite Things

This lovely went home this week too - it belongs to Kate, and is a design by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched, called My Favourite Things.

It is quilted entirely freehand with loops, flowers, hearts and leaves in the pieced parts.  The applique is ditched around the designs and the blocks themselves.

I love these little patty cakes - yummy!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Dresden plate in purple

I have had this lovely in my studio waiting for inspiration for a while, so I thought I needed to get it done.  Marg wasn't in a hurry, a "just whenever" quilting job.
It is quilted with a mix of freehand and statler quilting designs.  Actually the only freehand was the SID around the plates and the blocks themselves, and then I had a little play with the computer program to see what I could come up with.
The design in the plates is by Joanne Knott called Dragon fly rose single  The background line design is by Kim Diamond (trim bkg sq 001) using the trim function, and an echo of the block outline.  The sashing design is by Tammy Finkler, called 1266 Feather2 sash
The outside border was quilted using a design by Keryn Emmerson called Peyton Heart border.  This was a huge plain cream border, and the design fitted the space perfectly.  It is quilted with variegated purple Aurilux thread.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fly Away with Me quilt

I have really enjoyed quilting this quilt, and especially as I am making it myself.  I had a lot of fun peering closely at the different designs to see what was coming up for my stitching pleasure!
It is a design by Marg Sampson-George, called Fly Away with Me.

It is quilted entirely freehand with rulers and templates.  The outside borders have a simple curve in them so as not to detract from the beauty of those hexies.  Scrummy.
The inside of the quilt has SID around the applique and some loose fill with the odd leafy shape thrown in for good measure.

And what about this fabric as the backing?  It also has a join right down the middle which I was hard pressed to find. Perfect choice.