Saturday, November 24, 2012

Litte Patchwork Village

This lovely belongs to Jane, and is a design by Rosalie Quinlan called Little Patchwork Village.

I love all the little buildings in the stitcheries - especially this one, because who can resist a quilt shop? (Well, actually my DS isn't keen, having retired from quilting, but he still gets the pleasure anyway. LOL. )

Anyway, rather than treating each star block individually and then doing something separate in the sashings and borders, I had a little think and came up with this arrangement of quilting designs.

The feathered ovals were freehanded, using an oval template as the starting shape.  The star points were also freehanded with a swirly continuous design.

The large flowery hearty design (called Nov hearts block by Joanne Knott)  then filled in the gaps, right to the edge of the quilt. 
I like this arrangement, as the quilt itself is very simple, and too much quilting can overtake the little stitcheries, so this worked for me...and for Jane too.
I'm off to finish a chocolate cake from this week's lesson, and so far the phone has rung when I was measuring out the cocoa, so some of that went on the floor; and our gas cooktop has a leak so I am cooking it on the BBQ, which seems to have man-turning-on instructions and gave me grief.  After all of that, I hope it tastes OK. 

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  1. The quilt looks the combination of freehand and Statler stuff...hope the cake turns out..