Monday, April 23, 2012

Another applique quilt

This lovely belongs to Cathy and was designed by Jennifer Corkish of .
I really enjoy quilting these style of quilts because I can get a little carried away with the fillers and little bits of space which need something.

It is quilted both freehand and on the statler.  The fillers behind the appliques are all done freehand, as is the outside green border (with the aid of a ruler - this was one from Westalee).

The curved crosshatching design is one from One Song Needle Arts and it really lifts the red and green triangles.




Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blue Hexie and applique quilt

This is another one from Cathy and was designed by Lorraine from Patchwork Plus in Miranda in Sydney.  I had a lot of fun working out how to do the backgrounds of these blocks and I think they work really well.

The background of the hexie block was quilted on the statler using a design by Kim Diamond called Trim Bkg square 001.  The centre of the block has Anne Bright's Gala paisley hexagon block design.  I freehanded some feathers in the lighter hexies, and put a continuous curve in the diamonds.

In the applique block, I SID around the appique, then freehanded the feathers inside and outside of the wreath, and put in some fill.  The blue sashings were freehanded with a curly leafy design.

The outside border uses Anne Bright's Majolica border and p2p.


Orange table or bed runner

Well, its been so long since I have published some pictures, that blogger have had a change and now I have managed to put these pics in an odd format and I can't work out how to move them...anyway I'm sure I'll work it out before the next update.

This beauty is Joy's, and could either be used as a table runner or a bed runner.  I love the colours and all the different fabrics.  I quilted it freehand with feathers and other fillers, changing thread colours to blend with the fabrics, so there is a lovely wholeclothy look on the back.

We have been really busy with school stuff, holiday stuff and the like.  I hope to get some more regular pictures up, but we'll see.