Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blue Hexie and applique quilt

This is another one from Cathy and was designed by Lorraine from Patchwork Plus in Miranda in Sydney.  I had a lot of fun working out how to do the backgrounds of these blocks and I think they work really well.

The background of the hexie block was quilted on the statler using a design by Kim Diamond called Trim Bkg square 001.  The centre of the block has Anne Bright's Gala paisley hexagon block design.  I freehanded some feathers in the lighter hexies, and put a continuous curve in the diamonds.

In the applique block, I SID around the appique, then freehanded the feathers inside and outside of the wreath, and put in some fill.  The blue sashings were freehanded with a curly leafy design.

The outside border uses Anne Bright's Majolica border and p2p.


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