Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Breast of Friends quilt

Well, Christmas has been and gone, I hope everyone had a restful and peaceful day, ours was very quiet, with presents and breakkie done by 8am....I spend the rest of the day sewing and cross stitching.  Then had to go to bed early because I was so exhausted from all that energetic activity!!!

Anyway, this beauty belongs to Marcelle, and is the Breast of Friends quilt which was in Homespun mag a couple of years ago as their BOM.  Lots of different Australian designers participated including Leanne Beasley, Rosalie Quinlan, Anni Downs, Bronwyn Hayes, Natalie Lymer, Amanda Browning, Lynette Anderson-O'Rourke, and Natalie Bird.

It is quilted enriely freehand with the use of rulers.  It has hearts, feathers, swirls, leaves, and lots of little twidly bits of quilting!

I quilted the original one in the magazine, and this is the first one which I have seen completed.  Isn't it lovely?
I did have big ideas of making it myself, but I don't think my embroidery skills are up to scratch - check out the dress on the block above :).  I bought the kit, and will sell it if someone wants to make this quilt themselves.  I also have all the issues of the magazines with the designs in them.  $180 plus postage.  Let me know where you are and I'll give you a definite price on postage.
On a totally different note, my son's last day of primary school was last week. I remember his first he's twice as tall and about to head off to Jamboree with the scouts in Maryborough. 

Enjoy your Boxing Day,

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