Friday, September 10, 2010

Burrinjuck Dam Trip

Last October - yes I know it has been a while but I just came across the pics on my computer - my mum, son and I went from Orange to visit Burrinjuck Dam, which is outside of Yass in NSW, where they were celebrating the Centenary of the construction of Burrinjuck Dam. The reason we went was that my great- grandfather, Charles Rawson Cuningham, was the surveyor for the location of the railway line which was used to haul tools, men and other equipment to where the dam wall was being built.

The pic to the right is standing on the dam wall looking towards the cachement area, and from memory the storage was only at about 20% then.
This pics below are taken from the car, on the road which was built directly over where the railway used to run. It was quite an odd feeling to be where so many men worked so hard to clear a space for a little railway, and to see the bush which they had to work in.

There were little carriages were used to haul the goods, and each of them were named after my great-grandfather's children, and this one is the original carriage named after my grandfather. It had a long history after the dam was finished, and, I think, ended up in the Wollongong area used to haul coal before it was rescued, restored and is now at the caravan park in the State Recreation area near the dam.

While we were there, Harry decided to take some pics of the view through the drains on the dam wall! I think there might be a quilt in some of them.


  1. 4th try lucky !?I Love your blogs that show the beautiful, creative work you are doing. This blog is particularly of interest as it's about our shared ancestor/relative; your great-grandfather, my grandfather !!