Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scrap Basket Blossoms

This piece of loveliness was made by Jenny Webb and is based on a pattern by Kim Diehl called Scrap Basket Blossoms (and was in QC issue 36). Isn't it gorgeous? Yet another one that I want to make! My list "to do" is enormous as it is, without luscious beauties like this one tempting me!! It is quilted freehand with rulers and templates. The outside border quilting design is based on the pattern on the fabric. Just gorgeous!
On a different note, I am getting back into my cross stitching which I did a lot of pre-baby. Considering said baby is now 10 (!) I needed to start doing it again. I had a Lavendar and Lace angel just about done, it only had a little of the beading to go and, shock horror, it only took about 2 sessions to finish it!!!! I couldn't believe how little there was to do - maybe I was so sick of the small beads that I decided that there was heaps to go and put it away. And, it was a big bonus that I could find all the bits for it after so long. Anyway, it is now at the framers and should be finished later this month.
So now I have moved on to another monster cross stitch by Papillon (Castles in the Air), about to load a Chatelaine design onto the frame and have a christmas one by Lizzy Kate going too. And so it starts.....
We are off to Adelaide shortly and I will endeavour to post a pic or 2, if I can work it out, otherwise when we get back.
Take care

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  1. Belinda, That is absolutely beautiful. You blow me away with your talent. I'm off to seek out QC issue 36 and put it in my wish folder! You know what that means. You'll have another one of these quilts on your waiting list. Enjoy Adelaide!