Saturday, October 9, 2010

We're back from Adelaide and a good time was had by all!

We have been in Adelaide for the last week having a family holiday and also for me to attend and teach at the Inaugural Australian Machine Quilting Festival held over the long weekend. The next one is from the 28 Sept to 1 Oct 2012. I don't think the web site is updated yet, ( but there is a little info on their blog.
I really enjoyed going to see some quilts, do some shopping, but mostly to catch up with other machine quilters. Ours tends to be a very isolating job when we work from home and events like this are a real treat to attend.
While I was off working the boys went to the beach, movies, shopped and generally did "boy stuff".
It was a lovely time to be in Adelaide as all the trees were coming out in their new leaves and blossoms - very pretty. It is a little warmer than Orange, so I think we came home in time to see the blossoms at home too!

I had a quilt hanging in the show and was fortunate enough to receive a 2nd place ribbon which made my day. I'll have some close ups later.

It's nice to be home - back to work on Monday.

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