Sunday, September 19, 2010

Charleston Log Cabin

This is a quilt by Carol, actually it is her third one of this pattern and each one is done beautifully and in the most gorgeous fabrics. It is a quilt by Christine Cohrs of I have quilted it using various rulers and templates, with, of course, feathers. I like the effect of the straight lines in the creams, and once I got my act together, could do it continuously with no overstitching.
This week has been a big one for us, as I am now married to a retired pensioner - note I didn't say old age as I get into trouble for that! My dearly beloved has finally retired from the NSW Police Force after 30 - something years (I think around 36) and is now focussing on his Army Reserve career. No rest for the wicked I reckon!


  1. Congrats to Terry....that's a long time, but now maybe he can have some spare time and get his "Honey Do" list done. I'm still waiting for Gene to retire and my list is getting longer each year.

    AND YES, I love the fabric in this quilt...and I so want to be you some day. I could see the lines and would have gone that way, but the rest I would have just stood there and nothing like this would have come to me. How does your head work?

  2. The quilt looks lovely and thank you for putting a link to my blog in your post.
    It is a class I teach and makes a lovely quilt.