Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This was supposed to have elephants on it...

This quilt was made by Fiona as a gift, and has a combination of piecing, applique and 3D techniques in it. It is a design by Michelle Marvig of in Penrith.
I have quilted it with lots of feathers, swirls, line dancing and ditch stitching. I enjoyed coming up with all the different designs in this quilt, and Fiona's request was that she wanted feathers in the plain yellow areas. So I went to town....!
It is the last week of school here, and Harry went off to school dressed as Biggles as it is their book week parade today. He also took his double bass, to perform in front of a group from one of the local nursing hostels who were coming to school to see the parade.
See you

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