Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blue skies and feathers

Well after what seems like endless days of rain, wind and dark skies, we have blue. The cloudy pic is taken looking down the valley from the house and the blue sky pic is taken looking at the house from the driveway.

Anyway, moving on....this lovely princess feather is another one by Kathryn and this one I want to/will make - not sure when, but I will get to it one day. I love the outside applique border, especially the pears. And, you might be able to see it in the pics, the fussy cutting is gorgeous. It was made in a class with Lynne Alchin.
It is quilted with lot and lots of feathers and background fill. The spine of the quilted feathers in the centre was made using a curvy ruler and some marker points; and the curves for the spines in the corners were made using Renae's arcs.
See you later

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  1. You can send Kathryn's quilt to me when you come over in December...I'm sure she won't miss it and you can tell her it went to a GREAT home and will be loved forever....I would even be willing for her to come visit it once in awhile.