Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bits and bobs, no quilts this time.

My dearly beloved and I went off to Sydney on Monday of this week for an army dinner at Government House with Her Excellency Marie Bashir and her husband, and the CO's of the batallions of the RNSWR. What a fabulous location and beautiful house. We will definitely be going back for a daylight tour. There were huge portraits of previous Governors and other influential people from our State, and all the history gave me goosebumps.

And, as a bonus I didn't fall up any stairs, spill any food down my front or knock over my wineglass. All class, that's me!

Coming through the Blue Mountains I noticed these trees and their weird shapes - I'm thinking they have been trimmed for the power lines, but I'm not sure. Makes a great picture though.

This was the view out of one the windows in my sewing room, last Tuesday, the day before we were due to go to Sydney for the Quilt Show. It doesn't snow very often in Orange, but, of course it was on the day before we left. So we decided not to go just in case something happened on the roads.

A couple of days earlier, this was the view out of another one of my windows. How cute is this little birdie?

By the way, I do actually work in there, not just gaze out the window.....!



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