Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Floral block swap

This is one of mine and is the finished product of our local group's block swap for 2010. We had to pick floral fabrics in the required colour for the month and use a floral cream as the background, and then each month swapped the blocks.

I think we had about 36 people who swapped each month.

Anyway, we are having a lunch in the next couple of weeks for our show and tell, but my quilt has been given to a friend who is having some health issues. So this is my show and tell.

Last weekend we went to Wattle Flat to visit with my parents and brother and SIL, and after lunch we had to go for a walk to walk some of it off. So off we went to Sofala which is about 5 mins drive from Wattle Flat (outside of Bathurst, towards Mudgee).

Not much going on in the late afternoon, although this isn't the main drag of Sofala.



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