Monday, July 18, 2011

Did you know...

.....that there have been this many types of barbed wire around over the years?

We went to Melbourne last week to see the King Tut exhibition, and ended up in the Melbourne Museum afterwards. One of the exhibits was this display of different types of barbed wire. Fascinating. I have some other pics of Melbourne which I will share probably next post if I can get my act together.

Anyway, moving on to other more colourful things...

Check out this beauty! It is a Michelle Marvig design and is done predominantly in Kaffe fabrics.

I have quilted it using both freehand and the Statler and it is a very impressive quilt now that it is done.

It was so large that I couldn't lay it out on my floor, and my DH wasn't around to hold it up, so sorry about the crinkly edges.

Anyway, school goes back tomorrow so I am hoping to get back to some kind of schedule, except that I have picked up the dreaded lurgy so spent yesterday afternoon in bed. I am feeling much better today but have no voice and a terrible painful cough.

Isn't it funny how when you whisper to someone, they whisper back?



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  1. Hi stranger! Haven't seen you in ages, which means I haven't been quilting! Hope your lurgy is short-lived. Wondering how your schedule is looking. I have some time off work this week, and with kids back at school, am really hoping to get a quilt top together. I remember you saying you have more than one trip OS this year, so thought I should check if you could fit an edge-to-edge QS in for me? Stay warm, and get better soon ( ... whispered!)