Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's been busy here...

This weekend just gone, I went to a class with Chris Jurd and made these beauties! I am very pleased with them, although I was thinking my blocks would be a little more subdued than this! Eleanor and Morgie came along too, and we stitched away for 2 days. The class was great and if you get to do a class with Chris, then do it - great teacher, lovely lady and very easy pattern to follow. Her blog is Patchwork Fundamentals ( and the pattern is called New York Beauty.

On Sunday night Morgie and I came home, and after scoffing pizza we had to go to bed as our brains were all worn out.

However, Monday we were ready to go again and we moved to the tidy sewing room to continue with our projects - the only thing missing was the bowl of choccies which should have been there for a sugar hit. We had already demolished the licorice! At 11pm we decided it was time for bed having stitched, laughed, drank, cut, recut, muttered under our respective breaths and made a big mess.

One thing we didn't participate too much in (due to our hayfevers), was the sheep shearing on Saturday morning. This is Harry leading our little flock down the hill to the little shearing shed across the road. They are very tame and come for food, so we had a little procession down the driveway.
This pic is Lizzie (who lost her ears in the recent dog attack).
She looks very odd now with no wool and no ears, but it is not worrying her and she is more interested in the sheep nuts which she loves to eat from our hands.
See you later,


  1. Love the photo of Harry leading the sheep. Classic! A Chris Jurd workshop it on my 'definitely to-do' list. I fell in love with one of her quilts a couple of years ago at Hatched & Patched. Bummer I missed her when she was in town. Is 'Eleanor' the Dept of Ag Eleanor that I might know? Almost ready to post about my last quilt that you quilted. Maybe on the weekend. Best wishes, Ros x

  2. Hey Belinda...and I thought I was a messsy guys certainly can take first prize in that'm jealous...would love to do a Chris Jurd her stuff, and I don't think your's is too it...