Thursday, November 11, 2010


Julie, Ann and myself (hence the title JAB) decided that we needed to be making a series of traditional style quilts together. Initially it was to be yearly but I've held up the bus by not getting to the latest one, but Ann would design it and work out all the requirements, Julie would make it and I would quilt it. We would rotate who would get to buy the fabrics, make the final decisions on the quilt design and then keep the quilt.

The first one would go to Julie, but I don't have a picture of it. This was our second piece, and it is mine. It is 2 plain fabrics, purple and white. The white feathers all have a second layer of white wadding in them to stop any purple threads showing through - wasn't that a gem of a task!
It is very heavily quilted with feathers (of course!) and fill. The white is not stitched in at all.

The quilt is very deceptive - when you first look at it, you think there is not much quilting on it, but voila, when a light is put on it the quilting really stands out. I love that surprise.

I'll have to get pics of the third one, and then quilt the fourth so we can get onto the next one.
See you

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