Sunday, November 21, 2010

Redwork quilt - done in greens

I finished this beauty a year or so ago but found the pics on my computer this morning whilst looking for more quilts to post. I have been busy doing "non-publishable" quilts, so am a little light on with stuff to show.

Anyway, this was done by Margaret in Sydney, and is a pattern by Tita Leach called "Redwork Quilt". If anyone wants to purchase the pattern, let me know and I'll pass on Tita's email.

It has houses, mushrooms, snails, frogs flowers and they are all stitched beautifully and all the greens work so well. Very scrummy.

I quilted it on both the statler and freehand, with an Anne Bright design in the outside borders. It has SID around the applique and in the ditches, with fillers where needed. The background fabric is like a linen and was very easy to stitch with.

I also found about 600 pics of a bionicle battle which occurred on my front verandah...



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