Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pretty in pink - and something not so pretty at the end!

This quilt was made by Lynne of Sydney, in a class with Jennifer Corkish. It has lots of flowers which have all been needleturned, and lots of open spaces for quilting.

It is quilted using rulers and templates, and freehand fillers and feathers. The outside curved cross hatching was done with a new ruler from Westalee Designs and doesn't it look great!
Lynne always uses gentle and pretty fabrics in her quilts, and I particularly love the pink rose border she as used in this masterpiece.

We are very excited as Terry is back tomorrow after being away for 3 1/2 weeks. He is coming back to this....

and long grass, washed out driveway, 2 dogs who will be beside themselves and a 10year old who CANNOT wait for his fav dad to come home. And me.


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  1. ya tease Belinda...why can't we click on the photo for a good close up? From what I can see it looks beautiful...very pretty quilt...I used to go to Jennifer Corkish's place for classes, before we bought the shop...way back when...
    That cake sure looks like a masterpiece..lol...lots of help from one excited young man I guess? how come your name was last in line for looking forward to dad being home, huh? lololol...