Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feathers 2

We have been a little busy here, with a school excursion, birthday, homecoming, rain and getting sorted for Christmas, and I have not many pics to show for it.

However this little quilt is one of mine from a couple of years ago. It is a Mexican Feathered star and has been very heavily quilted and trapuntoed.

I have used the "cutaway trapunto" method for this quilt which took ages, but, I think makes all the puffy bits very puffy. When it was quilted, I echoed the star shape, and then put in lots of feathers and fill.

When I was quilting it I used a blue washaway marker which I was spritzing with water to get it to disappear as I am a bit leery of leaving the blue in for longer than it needs to be.
Next morning all the black had run. Nice. Not. It has been washed in a large wash in the machine and, touch wood, all the black came out. And, no I didn't pre-wash. Silly girl.
Anyway, enjoy

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