Friday, August 20, 2010

Is it any wonder....

............that the colours in my quilts tend to be bright? Look at the colour of that bougainvillea with the lipstick tree in the distant background in full autumn red. Every year the purples and reds inspire me and I have lots of close up pics of the autumn reds and the bright purples.

As we live outside of Orange in central west NSW the bougainvillea is not supposed to grow here, being a tropical plant, but we persevered for about 4 years, covering it every night during the winters. Now it loses its leaves in winter but comes back in the spring, and then at the end of summer and beginning of autumn it comes into the most beautiful flower.

The quilt is made from all Kaffe fabrics except for the small pink border. And, all bar the stripe serape fabric came from my stash. It is quilted with a floral all over and has a black and white daisy backing. I love it.

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  1. Double your fall colors better than mine...all we get are greens and oranges, and whatever in between....

    Love the braid, and not I guess I need to get mine started, wouldn't want you to get ahead now would we...LOL