Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lots of feathers

This masterpiece went home last week to Deidre, after having the living daylights quilted out of it! It is very heavily quilted with lots of feathers and background fill. The applique is all done by hand, and there little bits of ribbon and braid mixed in with the stems. Beautifully made and it was a pleasure to quilt. The patterns are from a book by Pat Andreatta called "Heirloom Applique", 1985 and it was taught in a class with Tita Leach.
Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me, I'm glad you enjoyed the first post. And, to Fairlie - here is the second post you thought I wouldn't write!
See you soon


  1. Love the quilting. Clever girl El

  2. What fun ! Keep those blogs coming.

  3. I so want to be you when I grow up....I love your style and how things click in your head.