Monday, August 30, 2010

Not much quilting - other stuff instead

We have had an eventful few days here, starting with a pack of dogs getting into our small (only 8) flock of sheep and doing some nasty damage. To date we have lost 3 with another still injured but we are hoping she will recover. The injured one is my first poddy, named Lizzie, and she has lost both her ears and has a bite on one of her front legs. This attack happened during the day, when it was pouring with rain and blowing a gale. We had to retrieve 2 sheep from the dam where they had been chased into and that was a saga in itself involving wet weather gear, brush cutter, husband with broken arm and lots of mud. Anyway, one of those sheep has since died from bites, trauma and pneumonia. Needless to say, there have been lots of tears here and dire threats against any dog we see out of its yard and anywhere near the sheep.

Also my 10 year old son went off to a cub camp for the first time without his father, and by all accounts, had a great time. It is a big achievement for him to do this and we are very proud of him.


  1. That is terrible Belinda - hope the remaining sheep survive okay. We had a similar thing happen to a flock that use our bottom paddock a few months ago - packs of dogs - out and about when their owners think they are home!
    Lovely quilting btw. Cheers Jane

  2. Been away for a few days....OMG, I hope all is better today... Were the dogs totally wild or a neigborhood pack of trouble makers that you can take back to the owners for payment of the loss.

    You know my rule for stray's....hope it can be handled the same way in your neck of the woods...