Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fancy Stitching

This beauty is a first quilt is is called "A Thankful Heart" by Natalie Bird.
I love the watermelon block - seriously cute!.

I quilted it with freehand hearts, swirls and curls, with a bit of continuous curve.

I love these girly quilts, mostly because they don't tend to make an appearance in my house, with an 11 year old boy who won't go into the girl aisle in K Mart (and who is now wearing size 10 mens shoes to school)!

Here we have another fancy stitched piece, and it is mine. Shock horror. I actually finished something - actually, it is one of a set of four and is a Chatelaine design called Micro 1.

It has taken me ages because I am not good with specialty stitches, although I am getting better, and I got stuck on the one-over-one in the centre. This is 32 ct and I needed both my glasses and the magnifier of the lamp to see the centre properly. I think maybe 28ct is what I need to be using!



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