Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm still here..

Its been a while, but I have been working hard, just doing stuff which I can't show pictures of. However, now that school and music have gone back, my hand work is getting done - slowly, slowly.

These are the blocks from my Kim McLean class earlier in the year. I have nearly run out of prepared blocks, so may have to get my act together this weekend and get some more sorted.

Don't they look great?

So that's it for the show and tell! However I do have some pictures from when we were in Melbourne the other week.

This is a large sculpture along the river ?Southbank? which quite took my fancy and I can see a freehand design in there.

This is a fancy fish eye feature on my camera which I was playing with, and the red stick like things are a sculpture with fabulous colours. Near Federation Square and The Art of the Brick which was a Lego exhibition we had just been to.

Speaking of Lego, this exhibition had a build and play section, so off we went. I assumed the parents would be watching, but no - they had a little place where the parents could play too. Except we had to make a tractor with all the pieces inside a ziplock bag. You couldn't get them out or manipulate them, just build the tractor in the bag. The other lady on our table managed it, but not me. I couldn't keep all the bits together, so put it away before I said bad words! And, of course my dearly beloved managed to do it too.....

Harry's and my tower. He's not really that much taller than me - its the angle (she says, knowing that her 11 yo is already just a tiny bit taller)....



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