Friday, July 13, 2012

New York Beauty

I haven't disappeared, just been away and then sick and then I couldn't work out how to upload pics and then...... I know - excuses, excuses!
But, amazingly these pics are here waiting for me to post them.  So, this is a New York Beauty design by Chris Jurd and made by Belinda N. 

Belinda left the quilt with me, and said to do whatever took my fancy.  So, as usual I got a little carried away, and did some ruler work, then some freehand feathers, and then played on the statler with some curvy geometric designs.

I have made a version of this quilt and it looks nothing like this one.  Mine has chooks on it and is very bright.  This is a total opposite of mine and I love it!

Now that I'm back I have a whole stack of pics to show, so I need to get my act together!


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