Saturday, December 18, 2010

Symbols of Japan

I quilted this beauty this last week for Margaret. Isn't it divine? I love the different shades of the pinks and greens.

It is a design based on traditional Japanese designs, interpreted by Val Moore and Patricia Cox, and other pics can be seen on

Each of the applique pieces has been machine satin stitched on. Exquisite. I have quilted it with a filler of a sort of clam design, big and little; parallel curvy lines, and a design by Anne Bright in the outside border called Asian Gardens b2b.

Totally not quilt related, but isn't she cute? Indiana Lara (named by 2 men - I wanted something like Fifi) wrapped in Harry's original baby towel post bath!!! I'm thinking my dearly beloved is having a moment and thinks he wants another baby. Ha!



  1. Cute dog! Quilting isn't too shabby either. Hope you have a good Chrissy.

  2. Loveth the quilt and the dog...Merry Christmas!