Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mariner's star quilt

I did this quilt a couple of weeks ago, but time has just disappeared and now here we are in the school holidays!
Anyway my partner-in-creative-memories-digital-scrapbooking-crime made this beauty for her husband and he wanted nautical, no flowers or girly things.
I went looking through my stash of patterns and then had to have a look through some designers' pages (as you do), and found some fabulous patterns which would work perfectly.

There are lighthouses, a clipper ship, pelicans, north star, compass rose fish, and some rope -all done on the statler. Then I did some freehand wavy water patterns. I think it came out really well, and looks great.

My boys have finally convinced me that a Nerf gun is not too bad a thing to have around (Ha!), so they now have nerf wars and enlist the aid of some friends from school. Check out the size of the gun on the right - nearly taller than Connor! I have no idea which sort it is, except that they shoot and hide and run around for a bit and then go hunting for their foam bullets.

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