Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Annual Christmas Quilt

For the past couple of years, I have quilted a quilt for a local lady - and it is a Christmas quilt from a book or magazine. She is passionate about Christmas and is making them for her children and friends.

This year she made this beauty designed by Anni Downes of Hatched and Patched fame, in Bathurst. It is out of Anni's book "A Christmas Story".

It is not very big, and is quilted very simply with some SID, diagonal lines and some freehand holly leaves in the corners. But, it is very cute - I have this book and I might have to get my act together and make it for a future Christmas (note how I am not committing to a specific year!! - I could be 100 by the time it happens, but the thought is there!!)

This is just a fun pic of a top which I have pieced using a tutorial posted by Kay Sorenson of Quilt + Color and the pic is taken with the fish-eye setting on my camera. I am going to give it to my friend for her birthday next month.

Anyway, the poddies are doing OK, and the others are getting fatter (if anyone is interested), and it is sprinkling, and I am going to go back to work.

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