Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm still here...but flat out

I haven't disappeared, just been flat out with lots of non-picture quilts, and the garden and sheep etc etc....

Anyway, this beauty belongs to Margaret and is for her son. All done with autumn colours, so I had a little browse on Sweet Dreams Quilt studio and came up with some designs to use.

I did a combination of freehand and digitised designs in the centre - the design in the cream diamonds is from Tammy Finkler and is one of the designs in her dahlia pattern set.
The cream and green triangles were stitched with designs called Oak Acorn block and triangle from Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio.
On a different note, it was shearing time today and after major dramas getting them across the road last night (unlike last year which was quite calm - this year Terry had to wrestle Lizzy lamb in the drain then drag her across the road into the paddock, and THEN the others would follow....we only really had one fight this time), the shearing itself went OK.
We are supposed to have 4 ewes and a wether - however it would appear that our wether is a ram and we now have a black lamb called Aloe Purple (!), and a set of twins who appeared after the shearing, and after we had decided that she had lost her lamb and was getting mastitis, and after we had chased them around the paddock AGAIN trying to separate the ram.....

And, this particular ewe has only one working teat, hence the odd shape of the other one, so hopefully they can get it together. I think she is Lizzy lamb's mother and that was why we had to poddy her (Lizzy, that is). I'm hoping we don't go down that track again.
And, here I was, thinking that all was cruising along nicely.
And, I don't know that the other 2 ewes are pregnant as well. Great.
Anyway, enjoy

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  1. Wow!!! It's all happening at your place!
    Love the Statler/Free-hand combination. also love Tammy Finkler....did a class with her at Kaye's and was blown away!!