Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby quilt

My favourite travel agent has just gone onto maternity leave to have her first baby, so Kate and I decided to make her a small gift so she doesn't forget us!

Although these are not necessarily traditional baby colours, she knows we are a little different (!), and also I am hoping she will use the quilt and not be concerned about any marks which may make their way onto the quilt when it is on the floor being used.

I quilted it with an edge to edge by Anne Bright, but reversed it so that when you look at the back the letters and numbers go the right way and is readable. It didn't matter that everything was back to front on the front of the quilt because it is so busy.
Good luck Renee! Can't wait to see your little one!
And, speaking of little ones.....

Rock wall climbing at Cuboree!

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