Saturday, January 15, 2011

We're back...

We arrived back in Australia on Wednesday morning after a long and bumpy flight from LA - it was fine though. We had our eye masks, headphones, books, ipad, ipod, munchies and a 2 seat row, and we coped just fine. I managed to get some hexies sewn together too, which is unusual for me as I tend to get very motion sick.

It was lovely to catch up with our LA family again and there was a lot of Nintendo playing - sometimes the best place to play is on the bottom steps so you can help each other.

We went to the Lego Store in Glendale twice, which was Harry's version of heaven. The only problem is that they don't have seats for the adults who are waiting while every small and large box is examined extremely closely.

When we got home with our treasure, the kids had to sit on separate sides of the room so that their pieces didn't get mixed up! There was Lego everywhere, with teeny weeny little pieces making up the bulk of the mix.

Then it snowed.....

The kids had the day off school so we went sledding at a nearby slope. Of course we hadn't taken snow gear as it was supposed to be warmer than that... cold wet frozen jeans and sneakers. And, lots of snow balls thrown and stuffed down the backs of jumpers and coats! Great fun!!

So now we are back to the floods in 4 of our States, and a massive bushfire just put out in Western Australia. There are lots of places to donate and I know there are going to be quilts made. We need not to forget how long the cleanups are going to take. Months and years. We have had extended coverage on most of our main TV channels, and after not hearing much while we were away, its very distressing to see so much damage and heartbreak.


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