Monday, January 31, 2011

Not Quite a Log Cabin

This quilt was made by Leonie West of Westalee Designs fame using her rulers and one of her patterns.

She wanted lots of feathers, especially in the red, so she got them! Lots and lots of feathers!

This next picture is of the back - I can't decide which side I like the best as the back looks as good as the front. I really like quilting these very symmetrical and geometric quilts as the backs can look stunning.

And, school went back today after six weeks of fun and visiting with relatives, playing on the various gaming consoles and just relaxing.


  1. Stunning Belinda! The owners will be thrilled I'm sure. And exactly how many books did you get through in the hols?!

  2. beautiful Belinda...already back into the swing of things