Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flannel and polar fleece

I'll try again.... my last post disappeared into nothing, so maybe there is a blank one out there..

Anyway, this very simple quilt has the top made from fannel and the backing is polar fleece, with a wool wadding in the middle.

It is quilted with a simple stars and circles design from Kim Diamond, but I wanted to show how beautifully the quilting shows up with polar fleece on the back.

It is very forgiving and makes the pattern really stand out. And, with the three warm layers it is scrummy for a Bathurst winter, which is where it is living.



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  1. I am a newbie long armer (4 weeks) and want to use polar fleece for a back. How did you figure out how much to tighten your polar fleece? I am assuming it should not be taut as regular cotton, but am wondering how to determine what to do. Any info you could provide would be appreciated.