Monday, October 25, 2010

Sue Ross BOM

This BOM was last year's efforts, through Material Obsession in Sydney (
and each month a new pattern would turn up with lots of lovely fabric goodies.
I sort of kept up, and only really slowed down towards the end after I had had my hip done.
Anyway, it had an appliqued basket in the centre which I thought I might make into a bag, and so I made another circle design (taken from EQ7) and put it in the centre instead. It is quilted with a spider's web design. The bind is on but not stitched down.
I really like the busyness of this quilt, and I learnt a lot about circles and stitching them onto a background with nice smooth curves and no pointy bits.
We had a busy weekend, and my dearly beloved was promoted to Lt Colonel in the Army Reserve. He was very surprised when it happened as we thought it would take place later in the year, so that will keep him very busy next year.
See you


  1. sadly my blocks are mostly sitting in their respective packages........your quilt looks great.........I must get into mine.......

  2. this one too...the spiderwbeb quilting looks great ...I must get out more, haven't seen this BOM around...really like it...although getting one made would be a challenge for me...never seem to get round to making anything these days...