Saturday, February 12, 2011

Diana Quilt

My 2 furbabies - the little one, Indiana has had a scratch on her eye, so she is now known as the Golden One, as that's how much she has we have contributed to the running of the vet clinic!! But, she is good now and back to her normal bright eyed self.

Anyway, moving onto quilting...

This beauty was made by Rhonda from Nyngan and is called the "Diana Quilt" by Annette Schultz. There is a mix of freehand and statler work in this quilt. The centre vase has a trim background by Anita Shakleford behind it and freehand feathers in the corners.

The stars have diagonal lines in a blending thread, and their background is a continuous curve with the odd loop thrown in. The dark blue borders have a pattern called Lacis small by Keryn Emmerson (in different sizes). The outside border has a freehand viney loopy design which has also ditched the applique down.


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