Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kim McLean Class the other day

The other day I went to Harbord to the Kaffe Fasset and Kim McLean classes. I decided to do the Kim class as I have loved her designs ever since quilting her Turkish Tiles for a lady about 6 or so years ago (I think it was that far back). Anyway she has been retired from teaching but has been publishing some patterns through the Glorious Colour website and doing some things with Kaffe - and came out of retirement to do these classes.

This was the view along the tables - check out all the fabrics and stuff. The black and white with bits of colour on it in the foreground was the block I was working on at the time.

This was the mess known as my work area. I should let you know that the class went from 10 - 4. All of that stuff came with me because I couldn't decide what to take and what to leave behind!

These were the views out of our classroom - how fabulous is that. I would think this particular RSL would have almost the best views in the city.
Then I drove home and it only took 4 1/2 hours!
By the way, the design Kim is standing in front of is called Flower Garden.
I had a great day and I'm glad I made the effort to get there, now to finish yet another quilt started!! I have nearly finished the first block so will post a pic when it is done.


  1. It was a wonderful opportunity, full of inspiration and the venue was the best I've been in for a class. Worth the journey for sure.

  2. Glad you got home safely and that you enjoyed the class. Hope to see your finished blocks soon, cheers, Kim McLean

  3. fair dinkum..I'm did ya find out about that class? I would have loved to have gorn...lucky duck...glad you had a great day...make sure you post piccies of the completed quilt...