Saturday, March 12, 2011

I love the colours...

What a striking set of colours - such a pleasure to quilt. And, funnily enough, a lot of the fabrics in this masterpiece also reside in my stash!! This quilt belongs to Jenny and was a class done with Michelle Marvig, and for the life of me I can't remember what the name of the quilt is but I will find out.

It is quilted on both machines, the green swirly designs were done freehand, the blades and the centre flower were also done freehand, and all the SID was done prior to taking it over to the Statler. This gave me some time to work out what I was going to put into all the blank spaces calling out for swirly feathery quilting designs.

OK. Working from the centre of the flower out -in the purple, the clams (1201 clam double) add another petal shape; then, again in the purple, I combined 2 designs (a single clam and a dahlia - dahlia 7 p2p - design) to make the outside petal.

In the gaps around the blocks I used 3671 Buttercup Feathers block by One Song Needle Arts in various sizes to fill the gaps.

In the outside border I reused the dahlia/clam combination in between the green spikes.

It sounds all very complicated but once it started coming together then it went very quickly. And the end result is yet another quilt which probably needs to go on my "to do" list.

On a different note, I have finished another couple of my Kim McLean blocks, started another BOM project and almost finished a whole quilt (except for the quilting of course) - I need to put on a few more leaves where I singed the block ironing it after it was washed where the reds ran.....

And, its a rainy day in Orange so Haz and I will probably go and see Gnomeo and Juliet at the movie before going to the recycling centre to look for accessories for his costume for book week...


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