Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No quilting this weekend Neil Diamond instead... (lots of pics)

Its been 10 days since I last posted and its been flat chat the whole time. I have some pics which I have been waiting for permission and details for and will post them this week. BUT, this last weekend TJ and I tootled off to Singleton to see the Neil Diamond concert.

Never mind that there were multiple double bass events on or the Relay for Life, so we called in favours all over the place and went off for a weekend by outselves.

The top pic is the view out of the bus on the way to the Hope Winery in Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley where the concert was being held. We did take our wet weather gear, luckily because it did rain before the concert but not during thank goodness.

It was very organised with lots and lots of coaches bringing people into the venue, and then taking them home at the end.

There were 16742 people there, but we had seats relatively close to the front, so got a fab view. And, there were 2 empty seats right in front of us. How cool is that!! Mind you, most of our pics have heads in the bottom of them, sorry about that. I'm not tall enough to get over the heads and the people in front just wouldn't sit down for me to take the pics!!

We had a great night - well worth the 9 hours of driving to get there and back. He is 70 years old and still has the same fabulous voice. Lots of dancing and singing went on, I must dig out my CDs to put in the car. Haz will be so pleased - not....

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